Qurb Shot – Diet & Weight Loss! A Scientifically Better Way To Slim Down?

Are you tired of dieting and working out for hours to shed those fats and extra weight? Do you get tired of eating small portions of food and still struggle to cope up with hunger all day? Well now is the amazing chance for people to lose weight without feeling hungry or spending those extra 3 hours in the gym. We introduce Qurb Shot, an amazing weight loss fluid which will help you lose weight rapidly and effectively. Somehow weight lose have become the biggest trend in our society and people get judged by being fat or obese, which results in depression and anxiety.

There are millions of programs and weight losing techniques out there which promise to help you regain your self-esteem and become accepted in society and boost your confidence to rock that beautiful dress of yours, but everything goes in vain when hunger strikes and people can’t control their cravings. Somehow no one understands the problem and everyone starts judging, Qurb Shot took the initiative to understand this problem and they introduced this amazing weight loss program for those who are suffering and need help immediately.


Qurb Shot is an amazing product and it will give your body essential and most effective deals,

  • Qurb Shot will make you will feel better for a longer time, no more snacking and cravings. It will make you feel full and help with smaller portions. You by yourself will avoid snacking.
  • Qurb Shot will help you in the fat burning.You will be able to the shape of your body and obtain an amazing figure and it will be resulting in a beautiful and great body.

Qurb Shot start-up lipolytic which creates a fat burning sensation in your body and this action and increases appetite-regulating hormones


Suppresses Hunger

Qurb Shot will make you avoid snacking/overeating, and help you feel fuller longer which is tested scientifically. Each bottle of Qurb Shot is of 30z and it is constituted of 10g of soluble fiber (fibersol-2). Fiber is the great source to reduce hunger and satiety. You will stop intake of those calories that can be considered extra and which you consume when your stomach grumbling leads to unhealthy snacking. In a random study that was known to be parallel, those to whom we provide with 10g of fibres-2 felt less hungry which increased hormones that trigger appetite in 4 hours after you have consumed your food.

Burns Fat

LIPOLYTIC ACTION which will burn your fat at the extreme level will make you achieve your target easily and in no time. Every bottle consists 400mg of svetol that is involved in fat burning. The green coffee bean is of premium quality and its extract has been added to it. This extract contains chromogenic acid which has numerous benefits such as weight loss. Scientific studies proved that if a person consumes svetol that is added up to 400mg, he will lose around of 11 lbs in two months.

Boosts Energy for Routine Work

Qurb Shot is a Great source of Energy Boost, you will perk up by having caffeine dosage around 50mg and the will be more than enough to activate and give that extra boost and keep you alert. This is not like the regular supplements use for fat loss, Qurb Shot contains enough to keep up when your heart palpitates and you can feel anxious with getting panic attacks.

Qurb Shot


This amazing and scientifically tested contains natural ingredients, in each 3oz liquid Qurb Shot contains premium svetol green coffee bean extract (400mg)which is the safest and effective way of weight loss supplement. It has antioxidants and chlorogenic acid which have lipolytic or fat eliminating properties. Fibersol-2 10g is available in Qurb Shot, which helps in decreasing hunger, digestion, prolongs increasing signals of satiety from guts and makes you feel fuller. Fibersol also helps in intestinal regularity and help in blood glucose level. It’s free of sugar and gluten, with only 20 calories no artificial colors or flavors added.

Qurb Shot also have some essential ingredients like 20mg niacin, 2mg vitamin B6, 6mcgVitamin B12, 50mgCaffeine, 10mcgPanthothenic Acid, 10mcgChromium, 15mgSodium and 10mgPotasium. Some other ingredients are malt dextrin, natural flavors, malic acid, gum acacia, stevia extract and sodium benzoate.


There are two effective and easiest ways to take Qurb Shot. Take 1-3 shot per day to activate burning and suppress appetite. if you want to activate the fat burning process, take one shot of Qurb Shot * supplement with an additional shot to speed up the process*
for suppressing appetite take one to three bottles of Qurb Shotthroughouttheday which increases satiety and control portion. Additional supplements will speed up the process.

The suggested time should be as following:

  • before breakfast
  • after the morning workout
  • mid-morning
  • with lunch
  • mid afternoon
  • evening/dinner

For best results either take at least one bottle per day, additional supplements will help you suppress hunger throughout the day. Recommended months are at least 2 in order to establish a work schedule which is effective for you.

Qurb Shot


You can order this amazing supplement directly from their official website. It is available in two options.

  1. Qurb original: This scientifically proven and revolutionary weight management shot is to help you perk up and slim down.
  2. QurbPm: For those who avoid caffeine in any way, this product helps them to eat less.

Select the number of details, and we will deliver it worldwide to your doorstep. Supplements you need and enter the asked we have 30 days’ money back guarantee. All you have to do is simply contact our customer services.


Please check with your doctor if you are

  • Advised to avoid caffeine or stimulations
  • Currently taking any medical prescription
  • Any medical condition which is concerning
  • Concerned about taking it for any reason
  • Nursing or pregnant women should avoid using it.
  • Please keep it out of the reach of children
  • People diagnosed with (PKU) phenylketonuria should avoid using it.

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