First Approved 3D-SMT and CIB Chip Packing Patent In China

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            3D-MID, Three Dimensional Molded Integrated Device,which is defined as a novel and innovative surface circuit forming technology, where laser beam is given the energy to active the catalyst additives inside the polymer or ceramic, thereafter followed the metalizing process to get the co-shape circuit on the mechanical part.

 3D-MID is widely used on the Aerospace, Vehicle, Medical equipment and machine, AI, Smart Wearing, VR/AR, Drone, 5G, etc.,  as the fast growth of 5G and the 2025 strategy in China, this innovative material combined with the technology will continue to focus and do great contribution in the coming days.

 3D-MID Features and Advantages

 1. Lightweight

     The circuit is directly connected with the component or packing without extra PCB, which result in the reduction of weight and the thickness.

 2. High integration
  High precision, miniaturization, integration improving

 3. Co-shape

 Fulfilled the surface utility to meet with the assembly, water-resistant performance and entity

 4. High Reliability

 The designed technologies and self-developed high temperature materials can be a great plus.


Nanjing MTeck core team members have been dedicating on the 3D-MID for 16 years, who have taken the full responsibility of the National Ministry of Science and Technology funded project “The Research of the key technologies on fine 3D-MID “ Project No: 14C26214422767,[2014]166. In which the nano catalyst additives, metalizing chemical solution, laser machine and the total manufacturing related technologies have been taken into consideration. So far, we have got the huge data and experiences on polymer, ceramic, metal etc. while 13 intellectual properties have been approved during 2020-2021, 2 core patents are the leading & innovative patent in the world.

Nanjing MTeck Co.,Lltd self-developed materials:

  1. Modified Polymer particle
  2. Modified 3D powder
  3. High Temp Water-Based Coating (Suitable for SMT)
  4. PAI High Temp flexible film (Suitable for FPCB)
  5. Ceramic and Reinforced toughening material

Nanjing MTeck are targeting the goal of offering the total solution from material to manufacturing. While we are insist on expanding the vision of “The Miracles of Technology" in the future. During 2020-2021,We have updated the second trial run on the wireless temperature testing equipment ,which are widely used for the COVID-19 detection. in the meantime, we have obtained the first batch of patents on the given fields from material, manufacturing to 3D-SMT,CIB (Chip In Basket) packing.