Waterborne Nano-Ceramic Coatings for Fish Boat and Sea-going Vessels

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Site: Yantai Shandong Province


The solution for the fish boat and sea-going vessel are Classical types on the anti-corrosion and anti-fouling performance because of the features and the situation: Dynamic Vs Static,Fresh Water Vs Sea Water , Higher Velocity Vs Lower Velocity, Higher Temp Vs Lower Temp, The salty , Humidity , Material and inter-surface state. The refined solution has taken all the facts into consideration with the Waterborne Nano-Ceramic Materials and coating structure design.


1、Waterborne Nano-Ceramic Coating

The innovative Nano-ceramic alloy employ the MMO Nano-Materials and combination by the capsulation and other technology to get the uniform coating while adopt the rust-transforming.

2、Friendly and Green Environment

Pure Inorganic materials and Lower VOC, Non-Flammability. Spraying, Rolling or Brushing will be the common operation。

3、Anticorrosion and Antifouling

Lower interface energy, Higher surface Hardness ,Smooth surface condition,Strong Hydrophobicity and Better Antifouling Performance.

4. Cost Saving and Long lifetime


Case 1Fish Boat


Case 2Sea-going Vessel