Core Team


Educational Background: 

Master of Applied Chemistry, TJU


1.  "The Leader of SZ intelligent manufacturing “ Yr2018 

2.  “First prize of 5th science & technology innovation”Yr2010. BYD

3.  Qualified green belt & pre-qualified black belt Yr2004. Dupont

4.  "Lightening strike Award"  DuPont IT SBU Yr2002

Management and Operation

1.  Overseas work at Germany Yr2005;

2.  PM experiences for the client from the United States, Finland,  Germany and Japan ;

3.  Setup and layout BYD‘ PVD factory,3rd division,Yr2006. 

Factory management and operation experiences, research and  development management.

Professional Qualifications

1.  Led and conducted the Nation fund from science and technology  ministry in 2014 .

2.  A  total of more than 20 professional papers have been published on  journals . such as "Electrochemical","Electroplating and Environmental Protection",  "Electroplating & Finishing" and other articles indexed by  CA. Won 2 national invention patents and  2  international patent.

R&D VPHu Yang

Education Background:

1.  Master of applied chemistry ,TJU

2.  PhD of high polymer chemistry,FUDAN University

3.  Post doctorial 2000.9-2001.10, University of Rouen, France  

4.  2002.5-2003.7,Universitaet Duisburg- Essen ,Germany  Germany,Humboldt Fundation fellowship

5.  2006.8-2007.8,Belgium leuven University, postdoctoral.

In 2003 he joined the East China University of Technology where he  was appointed Deputy Researcher of Chemical Engineering.  He has published more than 30 papers and 20 articles for  SCI, including Chem mater, 2014, 24. the Langmuir and  J.Membr.Sci., PCCP, J. Appl.Polym. SCI., Ind. Eng. Chem.Res.  chem. Eng. SCI., and to a first or second authorship of the  SCI search cited more than 100 times and apply for 5  patents for invention. In 2005, he participated in the  preparation of the National Chemical Industry Press  publication "Microfiltration Technology and Applications".  He participated in the National Natural Science Fund  projects, 973 national key basic research development plan  projects, led major projects for Shanghai Municipal Science  and Technology Commission, worked for the Education  Department of polymer molecular engineering on a key  laboratory project, has returned personnel funds, has  worked on research and development with graduate  students.

Marketing Director:Alvin An

Educational Background: 

Master of Applied Chemistry, TJU

Education and experience:

1.  2020.1-Now Nanjing Mtech Co., Ltd. Marketing Director

2.  2007,10-2019,12 Huawei Technologies Company Ltd, Senior energy engineer, technical support manager

3.  1996,3-2007,9 Enersys (China) Huawei Batteries Company Ltd, Senior R&D engineer, Technical spelialist

4.  1989,9-1996,3 Tianjin University, Master of applied chemistry

Operation Director: Tracy Xue

Educational Background: 

Bachelor of Economics and Finance, Business School of RMIT,Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University 


2019,04-Now        Nanjing Mtech Co., Ltd

2017,02-2019,04  Kunshan Chunhua Technologies Co., Ltd.

2016,10-2017,01  Kunshan branch of Hangzhou Golden City Group