Milestones and Roadmap

  1. Started the LDP material and releasing film project in 2005.
  2. In July 2005, High temperature releasing film pushed onto FPC market.which was the key product of Three Power technology Co., Ltd.
  3. LDP Material and Coating Passed the Test ,which could be activated by 1064nm Wavelength Laser in 2007.
  4. Started to develop LDS Copper, Nickel solution etc. Finished the first mass production at Huizhou in 2010.
  5. SPhonSun(SPS)Founded and registered On 15th May,2012.
  6. Developed PITCH 0.4mm B2B connector with LCP material.
  7. Outer Surface coating succeeded for LDS application atDec.,2012.
  8. Huawei, ZTE, BYD, EMW, TKR, ROHM, LOTUS, Janus, SPEED, Samsung, Sunway, Kyocera, Motorola & Perols(Guangzhou) etc Audit since Nov, 2012
  9. Gain ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification in May,2013.
  10. JRD on TEFLON LDP material in June,2013
  11. JRD on Nylon material withDupont
  12. Kyocera J38 and J83 mass production in May and Dec.2014
  13. Motorola audit Approving in Feb. 2015, and Start Ospray Project(Chicago project ,US ) massproduction
  14. JRD and offer the Transceiver Solution to Schaeffler in 2015.
  15. ROHM Medical machine LDS part trial run in 2015
  16. Deliver Control Unit for Schindler company in 2016
  17. Design the original mesh cell solution for material micro-crack and heat Erosion diagnoses at aerial/aeronautical, High Speed Part in 2017
  18. Waterborne coating developed in 2018
  19. Ceramic sensor material started to develop in 2018
  20. MTech was introduced to Nanjing as the high-end talent in 2019
  21. Delivery the ceramic part of antenna module in 2019
  22. Cooperative research ceramic part of 5G with Huawei in 2019
  23. Developed LCP material modification for 5G application in 2019
  24. Developed PPS material modification for 5G application in 2019
  25. Gain APAC Asian Business Awards in 2019